Asset management philosophies of the sustainability Funds - a standard


In way to rate the funds concerning their sustainability, a standard with three levels has been developed. The same three levels apply to the static as well as to the dynamic form of the sustainability.


Graph 5: Overview of the sustainability-philosophies as Standard


In the curved triangles of the standard, the three dimensions (ecological, economic, social) can be broken down into individual portions. This allows a better representation of the different properties. Important the edging of the entire triangle by the transparency, which plays a role for each dimension and each property.

The allocation of the sustainability funds following the mentioned criteria represents a quantitative measurement and allows a comparison of the funds among themselves. Thereby, not the titles selected in a fund are examined but the procedure of the fund emitters applied for the stocks selection. The criterion list represents a approach for the evaluation of sustainable fund, which is currently beeing developped on a more detailed level.