For quite some time the persisting fall of prices on the stock exchange damaged many investors strongly. During the good stock exchange times at the end of the 90's one hardly asked, into which asset to invest. The indications stood well, the euphoria wave drew practically each product upward, short term profits were pre-programmed. The collapse of the stock exchange pointed out to many investors that investments nevertheless have to be regarded as long-term commitments. The investor became more mature out of the own experience and examines Investments into stock exchange products more critically, but also more differentiatedly; because a long-term commitment of financial means wants to be well considered. 

Today, the sustainable assets have to stand the questionning of the investors as well. They were not exempted from the fall of prices on the stock exchange. 

The idea standing behind these products is worth an exact view, because they promote the long-term thinking of enterprises and turn away from companies concentrating on pure maximization of profit. There are different sustainable asset products, however the broad effect of the term of sustainability in the financial world is substantially due to the funds. The present folder concentrates its content on those sustainability funds. 

The topic “Sustainability” became an emphasis in the setting up of innovative asset products for the entire fund industry in the last years. The Swiss market reached a prominent position thereby in Continental Europe. Considering the funds available on the market under this designation, no clear definition can be found. The promising term of the Sustainability is used in so different ways that it leads more to confusion than to clarity. 

This folder explains the philosophies standing behind the term of the sustainability funds and points out, how sustainability is interpreted within the individual funds. It also aims to show how more transparency can be brought into the question, how sustainable a fund sold as such really is. The investor here shall be provided with the basis necessary to make his investment decision into a sustainable fund on a good knowledge. He shall have the possibility to find out, which fund-philosophy corresponds best to his own investment philosophy.


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